The Verve

I was in the middle of writing a post about how blah I’ve been lately and started to walk out to my car while typing it up.

How do you get through those BLAH days? You know, the ones where nothing goes right. You can’t seem to shake the blues. As a teacher this usually means that there was a rough day with a student, a parent, a staff member, or all of the above.

Add that

That’s as far as I got. My car was warming up so I hopped right in to this song playing:


This song has been my all-time favorite since I originally heard it in a movie. Every so often I’ll have really difficult days where I miss my mom. Within hours I will hear this song, either on the radio or somewhere else. I have no idea why I think this is a message or some divine kick in the pants to buck up, but that’s always how I feel. Someone is watching out for you so quit worrying!

It doesn’t make all the anger and unhappiness go away, but it does make it bearable. Like maybe Heaven is real?


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